SAP Expertise ...Delivered


On-site consulting to shape your solutions through “Design, Build & Run” steps.

Design , Build and Run

These are the main phase of an implementation project

We can help you right from the start, from a blank sheet of paper!

Reviewing your business processes, benchmarking best practices in the industry.

Or even re-engineering, if required.

Already running? Let’s start a solution review.

Solution Review

Your design is getting hold? knowledge has disappeared from the organisation ? New challenges are coming up?

Used SAP for a while but not too sure what the next improvement could be to your existing solution?
Let’s review it together with your process experts and check whether SAP has new functionalities to offer through enhancement packages (EHPs). Standard SAP is always a good choice!

The easy to use ‘innovation discovery’ tool  can be used for that

It is offered by SAP through your S-user

Looking at potential improvements? Spot consulting shall provide for a quick and efficient intervention.

Spot Consulting

Only require a few days of expertise? We intervene right away to assist you